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Porches come in many different shapes and sizes. Small, Medium, Large, Floating or Stilted. A Porch can add a nice dynamic to your property, whilst remaining a practical addition. Guests covered waiting at door in the rain, muddy welly boots after a long wet walk with the dog and parcels remaining dry instead of saturated by the door. Just a few reasons a orch can prove practical.


We've fitted many different arrays of porches, some pre-fabricated and some we have fabricated ourselves on site. Porches are also exempt from planning permission providing the floor space does not exceed 3sqm, therefore can be a hassle free addition to the property. 


Apart from the Gallo Brackets and the underside cladding, this Porch was fully fabricated by us on site for the developer of 8 luxury apartments in Burghfield. Covering 4 entrance doors, 2 of the porches needed to be built. We cut the roof structure in once we got the base on the gallo brackets, ready for roofers to fit the tiles.


A stunning new build in Wokingham had this porch. Complete with a balcony from the living area, this full steel work frame porch needed a timber finish. We cut the timbers on the sides of the base underneath the rails, and a pre cut cladding went on the underside and fascia round the posts.

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