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Roof Builds - Truss/Cut

Roof Structures vary from drawing to drawing. Depending on the architect and conforming to building regulations we can erect your structural roof on a new build extension or garage. 

Trusses are already fabricated to the shape and pitch of the roof. These are ordered and built to the drawing specifications. 

What we call a cut roof is building a structural roof to the drawing, on site, with the timber supplied from scratch. This will include a ridge, the rafters and hips if required. Including any other specifics such as fitch beams or sky light bracing.


There are occasions where both will be required on one roof. Hips and rafters may have to be cut into trusses and monos. No matter how big or small we can provide a professional service to erect the structure to building regulations.


A few pictures of truss roofs from a site in Wokingham. All roof structures are braced according to building regulations, include wall plates and wall plate straps if required. 

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