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Car Ports/Garages

Vehicle storage and security is a big selling point for domestic properties. Whether you have an existing garage thats looking run down or you have enough space to build a new one, the renovation or build can be worth the time and price. 


Car Ports are no different, popular with new development sites car ports are mainly constructed with timber posts with truss or cut roofs on top. Although car ports are generally open sides, your vehicle still has a sense of security and the added bonus of keeping the price down, with no bricks and labour required. 

If you have an existing attatched garage there is also a pontential to extend upwards, creating an extra room or two in the house. Depending on your architect and building regulations cut roofs and timber walls maybe part of the project. Taylors Carpentry have extensive experience in garage and roof extensions, conforming to building regulations all the way through the build.


A completed car port on a developers site in Wokingham. We cut the shoes into each timber post, fixed the ring beams on top joining them together. Then the roof structure is erected, creating a sheltered parking space for the vehicle. 

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